The First PWA for Magento

ScandiPWA is the first open-source PWA theme for Magento.

Unlike many other PWA solutions, ScandiPWA is not a storefront. It does not have a middle-layer that can slow down the performance, cause bugs and requires more maintenance resources. ScandiPWA is a Progressive Web Apps theme that can be installed on top of any Magento 2.3 or newer store. We built ScandiPWA as Magento-first solution, allowing you to keep the same backend that your developers are already familiar with, adding all the advantages provided by the Progressive Web Apps technology!


Get all PWA features out-of-the-box!

ScandiPWA allows you to enhance your existing Magento store, adding all great benefits provided by the PWA technology - Instant loading time, Homescreen App save, Offline mode, Push notifications, Ability to deploy your store to the App Store and Google Play stores, Open Source, Native app look and feel and many more features!

The most efficient way to get PWA for your Magento store

“Consider it is good-old Luma, but on PWA steroids!”

ScandiPWA allows you to get PWA for Magento on the same infrastructure you have. ScandiPWA is a conventional theme that sits on top of Magento and connects to the same database and backend that you are already using. No need for extra middleware, DBs or build-servers!

ScandiPWA is feature-rich

“Make your ENTIRE user journey a bespoke PWA experience with ScandiPWA!”

ScandiPWA covers full purchase flow from product discovery, promotions, multi-store setup, multiple languages, currencies and domains, custom prices, customer registration, address book, customer group pricing, taxes, 301 redirects, simple, configurable, grouped and virtual products, elastic search, SEO settings, popular shipping methods such as FedEx and UPS, payment methods such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and Klarna to name just a few and there is a content update pulse with new release coming out every two weeks.

ScandiPWA ensures data integrity

“Whatever happens in the backend or front-end - you are always in sync with ScandiPWA!”

We introduced a smart caching layer between the user and database to enable content delivery to your customers in milliseconds. Usually, PWAs introduce a no-SQL database to serve content faster, which in turn brings the risk of running out of sync between order processing database in Magento and customer-facing database, which serves data to PWA front-end.

ScandiPWA reads and writes directly to Magento ensuring that back-end operations, reporting, and integrations stay intact.

ScandiPWA is developer-friendly

“ScandiPWA is simple - just React and GraphQL!”

The theme uses a single data exchange interface - GraphQL, introduced by Magento, while extending it and optimising. Many PWA solutions have multiple data exchange channels, using GraphQL, REST API, and proprietary data requests to NoSQL database that complicates development, testing, and maintenance.

Open-source PWA theme

Get a free copy or set up your ScandiPWA store in 5 minutes in the cloud!

ScandiPWA is open-source already used by thousands of developers worldwide across hundreds of stores.